Saturday, January 24, 2009

That’s Better

The little fella had a better night last night.  Moving his crate to the bedroom for the night meant a reasonable nights sleep for all.  I had forgotten how cold and miserable it is at four thirty in the morning.  He is now fast asleep in his basket and I am still shivering.  The paper training is going quite well but he does tend to drop puddles when excited.  My hand is too cold to type more, Pen.

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  1. I am so glad you got a better night last night. Pups do get lonely when they go to a new home and are left on their own at night... especially the first few nights. Up till you took him home, he had his mum and litter mates for company. It's a big enough shock just leaving them!

    Once he is settled at night, and is used to you, you can always change where he sleeps. A crate can moved easily. Once it has become 'his' den it won't matter where you put it. It will have become 'his' space.

    He is still a baby but he'll get the hang of using the paper. If he gets over excited he might widdle accidentally. It's knowing when to stop the play by putting him on the paper quick enough. You can always go back to the play afterwards.

    Don't forget to move the paper closer to the door that you will eventually want him to go out of for his widdles. Now is a good time to find a word to use when you want him to 'go'. I teach all mine to 'go' on command. It makes life much easier when they are older.

    Just use the word when he's going and titbit instantly when he's finished... Repertition of this word followed by a titbit will teach him.

    Also titbit eash time you call him and he comes to you. He will soon learn that 'mum' has treats and when you do eventually get outside you can let him off his lead and know you can call him back to you easily.

    So keep your pockets full of titbits and treat at any time he does something you are pleased with. Ignore any bad behaviour. Just distract him and then treat.

    But I expect you know all this...