Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cat caught in illegal trap dies


Illegal trap

Both of the cat's legs were fractured by the trap

A cat has died after being forced to chew its legs when it became caught in an illegal trap in Norfolk.

Sam, a five-year-old cat, returned to his home in Sheringham with horrific injuries sustained while freeing itself, the RSPCA said.

Owner Simon Smith took it to a vets where it was put down and the RSPCA alerted.

The charity said anyone found guilty of setting a gin trap can face a maximum £20,000 fine and six months in prison.

The cat had fractured both legs and the skin and muscle was torn.

RSPCA inspector John Jenkins said: "Sam's injuries were horrific - his owners have no idea how he managed to get himself home in such a state.

"Gin traps are illegal and if you set them you are breaking the law, whether they catch anything or not.

"I cannot emphasise strongly enough the importance of checking your property for traps and removing them immediately before they harm another animal or person."

Earlier in January, another cat became caught a gin trap just four miles away in Bodham, Mr Jenkins added.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the RSPCA.


  1. OMG... That is so, so sad. I know what I'd like to do the low-life that set that trap up.

    The RSPCA are also looking for some other sadistic yobs that have killed 5 dogs over the last couple of weeks, leaving their mutilated bodies in some woods.

    And a few days ago, some yobs took a an elderly collie tied outside a shop while her elderly owner, a man of 72, was inside. They ran up the road with her (CCTV footage), dragging the dog... Then killed her.

    If these sods are caught I just wish the courts would deal with them properly and not just give them a slap on the wrists.