Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Widdler!

Wendell has been wee-ing all day.  A bit of a set back, I feel.  He soaked his bedding so I put it on to wash.  I gave him a pillow and another blanket.  He wet them, lay in it and earned himself his first bath.  Hmmm… he was not too impressed with that.  He has been using the paper in the kitchen, as well.  I think he must have drunk a lot more water and lost control of his bladder.  He has been so good up until now.  At least I have an excuse to have the heating on.  I must get his bedding dry, before I run out of extra blankets.

We bought him a rubber chicken that squeaks, yesterday.  He is hilarious with it; squeaking it, growling, barking and ragging it.

Anyway, enough for now; must get back to my washing.  Pen.



  1. ROFLOL... Wendell is enjoying himself with his chicken.

    Puppies often have a little setback in their house training. Are you able to whip him outside or onto the paper when you see him go ti widdle? If and when he does do it where you want, don't forget the titbit afterwards... and don't forget to teach him the 'word' to 'go widdle' that you are using.

    It all takes time... but you will get there in the end.

    One other thing while I'm here. When Wendell is playing with his toy, don't forget to teach him to leave it as you take it from him. Easy to teach now... But not easy when he's older. You can always give it back to hime (after a titbit).

    Have you started to look for Puppy Training Classes yet? Esential, when he's had all his shots... IMO... LOL

  2. Thank you Jane. My vets do something called puppy party. Once he has had all his jabs, he can join. This is to socialise the puppies and do basic obedience. I need socialising as much as Wendell. I don't really "do" people.