Monday, March 2, 2009

The Perfect Puppy

I have finally managed to get my hands on a copy of The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey.  What a brilliant read for anyone even contemplating getting a puppy.  Already I am finding mistakes I have made.  Armed with this wonderful book I hope to become the perfect puppy owner.  Thank you Jane, for telling me about the book. 


  1. hehehe ... perfect puppy for the perfect owner ... or vice versa.
    well ... enjoy your time with Wendell! he's a very luky cute doggy.
    now that you talk so much about him, I might get a dog...
    have a great day!!! take carre!!! alex xxx

  2. I am so flad you have got the book now Pen... I would have been happy to send you my copy as it is a book you need (IMO), from when you first get a new puppy.

    You say you have made the odd mistake... But I am sure you have done nothing that can't be corrected?

    It's all a matter of timing and getting your praise in at the right time... amongst other things. LOL

    The book should give you a good idea how to teach many little extra things, so you and Wendell can have fun together.