Monday, March 2, 2009

First Swim

Wendell had his first doggy paddle yesterday, when the rock pool he was paddling in became quite deep suddenly.  He did not panic, like me but swam back to safe ground like a seasoned professional.  We came home straight after because it was a bit cold for a now soaking wet puppy.  He was very hyper all the way home; trying to keep warm I guess.  Once towelled and fed, he slept for hours, giving the cats a bit of extra dog free time.  They have shown great tolerance towards Wendell but I fear their patience is wearing thin.  Right then, off to make yet another coffee.


  1. hehehe ... smelling good coffee penny!
    awwwwwwwwww ... Wendell must have been so cute!!!
    I am def getting a doggy!
    have an excellent day! LOVE, alex xxx

  2. All dogs can swim... Most love it. Sounds as if Wendell loved it.

    My old Solo could swim but avoided going into water if he could. His mother would bolt and dive straight in if we came anywhere near water. I had to put her on a lead to stop her if I didn't want her to go in.

    Years ago, I had another dog like that. Cleo... she couldn't keep out of water. If it was there... she had to have a swim, regardless of whether she could get out or not!

    Many memories of travelling home in a car smelling of wet dogs in the back!

  3. Wendell sounds like quite a character, enjoying each new experience.