Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Knuckle Bone

Whilst buying the pet food earlier, I spotted one of those roasted knuckle bones you can buy in pet shops.  I carried it home triumphantly and when Wendell went into his basket when asked, I gave it to him as a reward.  Well, he went nuts over it.  After half an hour of gnawing and growling, he ran into the kitchen, drank about a pint of water and returned to the fray.  I had forgotten what a greasy mess they make, before all the scrumps are chewed off.  His bedding was covered in greasy chewed off bits of fat and Wendell looked like he had gone ten rounds with a pound of lard.  The knuckle has been put aside for a while; the puppy is bathed and his bedding is in the washing machine.  Dried, primped and pretty, Wendell is now dozing contentedly, have done six circuits of the sitting room.  I shall let him have it back later.

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