Thursday, February 12, 2009

Brave little soldier

Well my brave little soldier had 2 jabs and had a microchip inserted today.  I felt a stab through my heart when the vet dabbed a drop of blood from the little chaps neck but Wendell’s tail was still wagging in trust and excitement.  His weight has doubled in 2 weeks and he is a handful to hold now.  We have only 1 more week to go, before he can go walkies.  I think it will be a relief for both of us as well as a source of great fun.  His claws are like razors , at present and he will need some road work to get them smoother.  After all, life is not all running on the beach and sniffing trees.  Puppy party starts in 2 weeks, when he will be meeting people and other puppies and doing some basic training.  We both have much to look forward to, Pen.


  1. Aaahhhh... Bless. Mine are all microchipped too. It took me a few years before I had it done as I had heard so many times about chips moving so they couldn't be found. Then 'autorities' didn't have the right scanner or didn't bother to scan when they found a stray.

    Now all these problems appear to be sorted. You still hear of the odd chip moving, but not often now. I am glad I have had mine done at last, not that they have a chance to be out on their own or a chance to get lost... But you never know.

    Nails - Have you got a pair of nail clippers? Use them to cut the sharp tips of Wendall's nails. It's not hard to do it you have help holding him. Ordinary nail clippers are easy to use on a puppy.

    Later you can get some proper dog nail clippers. But it's good to get Wendall used to having his nails clipped now he's a puppy.

    Remember to have some tasty titbits handy to give him when he's good and you've clipped a nail of two.

    Later as he grows and gets walked on concrete etc., if you are lucky, his nails won't often need clipping except perhaps his dew claws.

  2. Thank you Jane. As always, I shall heed your advice, though I must admit to being wary of hurting the little chap with the clippers. I shall get Terry to assist, under sufferance no doubt. He is a big softy. Pen.

  3. Just clip the little sharp bits at the end of the nail. It won't hurt Wendall, though he may protest and cry 'blue murder'!

    Once you've done it once, you'll find it isn't so hard... Keeping a wriggle puppy still is the hardest part!