Monday, December 29, 2008

Nasty Little Task

Oh joy of joys.  As surely as Boxing day follows Christmas, so does the cleaning of the cooker ritual.  Is there anyone out there who can abide the awful smell of oven cleaner?  My oven’s glass door is a burnt umber colour and the base is covered with a tar like residue.  Ho hum, on with the rubber gloves and off with all sense of humour for half an hour.  Having spent a large part of my working life doing such menial jobs as well as cooking and managing a kitchen, you would imagine I was accustomed to such a nasty little task but no, I shall never get used to it.  I have not given it up, like the dreaded ironing, but I do it under great sufferance.  I am cooking poached salmon tonight, so the cooker can stay clean that little bit longer.  Pen.

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