Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don’t drink and shop

Terry had a Christmas drink with his employer yesterday and then went shopping with his hard earned pay.  He came home with yet another huge bunch of flowers; I now have three vases filled to overflowing, eight duck breasts and a huge haunch of venison.  I believe he thinks we are feeding the five thousand.  We shall be eating venison for months.  I am not complaining, mark you, I love venison but having a more frugal nature, I would probably have bought a couple of venison steaks.  I was going to leave the Christmas day meat shop for next week.  Any way, we had a couple of drinks and then it seemed like a great idea to go to the 24 hour Tescos to finish our shopping.  Sigh!!!  More presents, an unnecessary new dinner service and a lorry load of food and booze later, we staggered (rode) home in a taxi, poorer and no wiser but definitely merrier.  The moral of this tale is…Don’t drink and shop!  Pen.

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